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Devon Meadow Seed Mix

Devon Meadow Seed Mix

Origin: Blackdown Hills, Devon

Soil type: Neutral 

Seeding rate: 4g per square metre

Approximate flowers: grasses ratio: 20:80

Species mix: Please see below

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Devon Meadow Seed Mix

This mix has 40 species and is roughly 80% grasses to 20% wildflowers. The seed is harvested from over 70 acres of ancient meadows at Goren Farm, on the Blackdown Hills in Devon, and contains 28 species of wildflower. This includes some cornfield annuals, which will provide early colour in the summer after seeding.

There are full instructions on the back of the packet. You can expect to receive your seed within five working days of placing an order.

Species making up over 4% of the mix are shown in bold:

Major Wildflower Species:

Yellow Rattle, Knapweed, Catsear, Rough Hawkbit, Ribwort Plaintain, Wild Red & White Clover, Meadow Buttercup, Red Sorrel, Birds Foot Trefoil,Common Spotted Orchid, Field Forgetmenot, Corkey Fruited Water dropwort, Corncockle, Poppy, Cornflower, Meadow Vetchling, Black Medic, Vipers Bugloss, Self Heal, Betony, Bulbous and Meadow Buttercup, Cowslip, Wild Carrot, Cow Parsley, Red Campion and Yarrow.

12 species of grass:

Smooth stalked meadow grass

Sweet vernal grass

Quaking grass

Crested dogtail

Sheeps fescue

Chewings fescue

Slender red fescue

Meadow barley

Yellow oatgrass

Rough bent Grass


Customer Reviews

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Robert Mclaughlin
Seeds arrived

I put the wrong address on my order. Devon Meadow spotted this, contacted me and sorted the problem. Great customer service : )

Shelley Castle
Fabulous fast and plentyful seeds

the pack of Devon wildflower seeds arrived so quickly - lovely packaging and really good looking seeds