01/5 update: Next business day dispatch

About British Wild Flower Seeds

British Wildflower Seeds sources and supplies the seed mixes here from specialist small scale harvesters and growers around the country. We've had relationships with most of them for many years, and we're confident about the quality and provenance of the seeds they supply us with. Many of the seed mixes are harvested directly from wildflower meadows, many of them ancient. The seed packets are packaged and dispatched by All Things Rural, who send them out by Royal Mail or courier, according to size. 

We also supply bespoke seed packets to fit a range of budgets, from 100 to 100,000 - ask for details! 

British Wildflower Seeds is run by Habitat Aid Ltd.

Habitat Aid is based in Somerset, where it was founded by Nick Mann in 2008. It promotes and sells British native trees, hedging, aquatic plants, wildflower seed and heritage fruit trees, sourced from a community of small specialist UK nurseries and growers. We're licenced by DEFRA to market seeds (licence number 7615).

In addition to supporting and promoting our suppliers we have close links to a number of UK conservation charities, to whom we donate money and services. Habitat Aid is a certified B Corporation.

We think local origin and distinctiveness isn’t just important for biodiversity, but also socially and culturally. Wildflowers can be a perfect expression of local identity.