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South Somerset meadow
South Somerset meadow

Somerset (South) Meadow Seed Mix

Orgin: Langport, Somerset

Soil type: Neutral

Seeding rate: 4g per square metre

Approximate flowers: grasses ratio: 60:40

Species mix: Please see below

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Somerset (South) Meadow Seed Mix

This lovely mix is harvested from a meadow on heavy wet ground outside Langport. It features 60% wildflowers to grasses, and looks to us like a typical MG5 mix, so very typical of many meadows across the UK. It's strong all rounder, which will work very nicely in medium fertility soils on the heavy side. It would go well here, where we have clay.

There are full instructions on the back of the packet. You can expect to receive your seed within five working days.

Species making up over 4% of the mix are shown in bold.

Wildflower Seed (60%):

Allium vineale Wild Chive 

Betonica officianalis Betony 

Carex Flacca Glaucus sedge 

Centaurea nigra Red clover 

Centaurea sacabiosa Greater Knapweed

Hypericum tetrapterum SS St John's Wort

Leucanthemeum vulgaris Ox Eye Daisy

Lotus corniculatus Birdsfoot trefoil

Medicago lupilina Black medic 

Medicago arabica Spotted medic 

Oenathe pimpinelliodes Corky-fruited water dropwort 

Plantago lanceolata Ribwort plantain 

Plantago media Hoary plantain 

Prunella vulgaris Selfheal 

Ranunculus acris Meadow buttercup 

Rhinanthus minor Hayrattle 

Stellaria holostea Stitchwort 

Grasses (40%):

Agrostis capillaris Common bent

Aloperceris pratensis Meadow foxtail

Anthoxanthum odoratum SVG 

Cynosurus cristatus Crested Dog’s Tail

Dactylis glomerata Cocksfoot 

Festuca sp Fescue sp 

Hordeum secalinum Meadow Barley 

Poa pratensis Meadowgrass 

Tricetum flavesens Yellow Oat Grass 


Other species are present in smaller quantities.


Supplier: Heritage Seeds