Our wildflower seed packets

Beware fake "wildflower" seed packets

The wildflowers in some packets you can buy might not naturally occur in Britain, or they might include an odd mix of unlikely flowers. Some aren't even wildflowers at all! Does this matter? We think it does. You want wildflower seed, appropriate for your site.

You can be confident buying from us

All of the wildflower seed in the mixes we sell has UK origin and provenance - i.e. it is from plants originating in and harvested in the UK. We now have 2019 seed freshly harvested.  

Our community of small scale specialists harvests seed in a completely sustainable way from beautiful and often ancient donor meadow sites around the UK. These mixes have very high floral content and diversity of wildflower and meadow grass species. They offer exceptional value for money; our minimum packets weight is 10 TIMES the size of of a standard seed packet.

We also sell some mixes which are made up of pre-determined percentages of species, appropriate for different soil types or situations. All the wildflower and grass species in these are native to the UK and the wildflower seed is originally from wild populations here. The grass seed is generally certified.

Why make a wildflower meadow area?

We love the aesthetic appeal of traditional wildflower meadows, which are not only one of our most beautiful and biodiverse habitats but one of our most threatened. We have  destroyed nearly all of them in the UK over the last 70 years or so. It's a terrible loss. Wildflower meadows are fascinating habitats for thousands of species; from bees, butterflies and moths to  beetles and hoverflies, crickets and skylarks. They're all unique, developing according to location, local conditions and management.

Bigger seed quantities

British Wildflower Seeds is operated by Habitat Aid Ltd. If your meadow project is larger than 200 square metres or so please contact us for pricing and availability or head over to Habitat Aid’s own website to buy larger quantities than are available here.


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